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Reaching international horizons - Ngan’s story

ncuk foundation march 2022 student testimonial ngan

With goals to experience an international education environment, Kim Ngan chose to study NCUK Foundation after completing her Year 11. Now that she has graduated, Ngan has not only successfully enrolled into Vatel’s international bachelor program, but also learned a lot more about her own passions that will guide her future career.

Despite the slightly unconventional timing compared to the mainstream educational timeline in Vietnam, our NCUK Foundation students from the March intake have achieved excellence in their studies and reached their dream international university destination.

Pham Ngoc Kim Ngan is one such student from NCUK Foundation March 2022 cohort. Having already been a studious and talented student, Ngan achieved excellent results with GPA above 9.0 for her High School Year 11. Still, with the desire to experience an international education environment and learn knowledge more practical to her future work, she decided to study NCUK Foundation instead of continuing to Year 12.

“For me, choosing the NCUK program was quite a bold move. At that moment, all my friends were progressing to complete 12 years of their Vietnamese High school program while I chose to study Foundation, which was a new concept in Vietnam. It was not easy living alone and having to choose a suitable program for my education. It was only after heavy consideration that I decided that NCUK Foundation would be my chosen path for the next 9 months.”

- Kim Ngan’s sharing


Academic Excellence at NCUK Foundation

ncuk foundation business studies classroom
A Business Studies class at NCUK Foundation

The NCUK program was created 30 years ago by a group of top universities in the UK, including the University of Manchester, University of Leeds, Sheffield University,… All NCUK study centers must then meet the Northern Consortium’s high standards for curriculum, facilities and teaching. As such, NCUK Students get to enjoy UK-quality education with teachers having international professional certificates and years of experience.

At its core, NCUK IFY is a Foundation program with aims to prepare students to succeed at international universities. Aside from academic knowledge, teachers will also provide students with skills necessary in university contexts such as time management, how to write essays with references, how to network at universities,…

“After having completed the NCUK Foundation, I applied for the Bachelor of International Hotel Management at Vatel Hotel & Tourism Business School in Ho Chi Minh City - a joint program with Hoa Sen University. I truly appreciate my time studying at NCUK Foundation, as it helped reinforce my faith in international programs in Vietnam while I eagerly await new opportunities in the future.”

- Ngan’s sharing


Student support at NCUK

ncuk foundation seminar with aston university uk
NCUK Foundation in a sharing session from Aston University (UK)

Asides from in-class learning, NCUK Foundation students also receive a lot of support and guidance in terms of their future career planning. An NCUK class has a relatively smaller size, which allows the teacher to give more personalized support to the students. Furthermore, students get to frequently join various seminars held by representatives of international universities all around the world to make a more informed decision for their future destination.

“At NCUK, the open studying environment gave me a lot of opportunities to explore my own interests and passion: from interaction with classmates from different backgrounds and personalities, to learning from past experiences of my teachers. This helped me get a much clearer understanding of what I want to do in the future.”

Kim Ngan’s next step

Despite having to live on her own throughout the NCUK program, Ngan still maintained her track record and completed with excellent results. Now with the guidance from her mentors, Ngan’s next step is to study Bachelor of International Hotel Management at Vatel - Hoa Sen University.

As an education provider for the next generations, there is no brighter joy than when our students reach their desired goals in their self-discovery journeys. We wish Jasmine the best moving forward to achieve great success in her chosen career.

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