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High quality foundational program designed to meet requirements of international universities worldwide

NCUK Foundation Program

UK Academic Standards

Set by top universities from England

NCUK Founders.png

Designed by leading universities from Northern England in collaboration with top universities across the globe,

the NCUK Foundation program prepares students with foundational knowledge and skills required for success at any international university.

Holistic Curriculum

Our approach to education is not limited to learning by the books.

At NCUK Foundation, we make great efforts to not only prepare our students for future academic pursuits, but also for their future careers with skills like building professional profiles and networking.

What you will learn

English for
​Academic Purposes
Academic subjects
Train skills
Cover letters,
CV, Networking,...
Oxford Caps

Learn from the best

NCUK teachers all around the globe have to meet NCUK’s high standards for academic excellence.

Minimum 7 years teaching experience

Minimum 2 years practical experience
in the relevant field

International Master's degree and TESOL certificate

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