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Open admission for September 2023

Late enrolment until 27/10/2023

9-month foundation to

get to international universities

NCUK Foundation is equivalent to A-Level, ATAR, NCEA,…

with open outcome to international universities around the world.

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Entry Requirements

National High School
Grade 11 or 12
GPA: 7.0
High School

(WACE, SACE, AP,...)
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Chương trình học
NCUK Foundation Logo

Study Centre

All NCUK Foundation study centre must meet the high facility and academic standards set out by the Northern Consortium NCUK.

The NCUK Foundation program was designed to equip students with essential foundational knowledge and academic skills to succeed in the international university environment.

Study Duration: 9 months

Save 1 year compared to other international programs like A-Level or IB. Students can get admitted to university earlier than their peers.

Ho Chi Minh City

Đại học Kinh tế TP. HCM

Tuition fee:


Including learning fee, exam fee, certification fee and study materials.


All NCUK Foundation teachers must have international professional qualifcations and extensive teaching experience with international students.




Academic Subjects

Academic English

The study environment to grow

Our approach to education is not limited to theoretical knowledge.

Teacher support and extracurriculum activities at NCUK Foundation are all designed to help students become more confident in their future career decisions.

NCUK Foundation Địa điểm học

Open Outcome


With NCUK qualifications, thousands of students all over the globe have got into Top universities in Australia, the UK and New Zealand.

NCUK Foundation: Du học Úc - Australia
NCUK Foundation: Du học New Zealand
NCUK Foundation: Du học Anh - UK

NCUK Foundation students:

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Đăng ký tư vấn
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NCUK Foundation

UK Academic Standards
by the Northern Consortium

Open Outcome
Bachelor's program in the UK, Australia or New Zealand

Continue your education
From Grade 11, 12, IGCSE, SACE,...

9-month program
in Ho Chi Minh City

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Contact Information

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Sign up to study NCUK Foundation here.

Or contact us through our hotline:

(+84) 86 7973 753

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