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Above the Clouds

Open Outcome

NCUK Foundation’s qualifications are internationally recognised as
equivalent to A-Level and IB.
Our students can apply to a wide variety of Bachelor programs at all international universities from the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand,...

Pathway to
Top Universities

The NCUK Foundation program was designed in collaboration with universities worldwide to meet their entry requirements.
This allows NCUK students to gain guaranteed* entry to NCUK Partner Universities.

(*)Guaranteed offers are subject to the satisfaction of:

1. The minimum entry requirements presented in the University Course Finder

2. The criteria set out in the NCUK Guarantee terms

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Follow your passion

NCUK students can apply to a wide variety of university programs from many disciplines.

Here are some of our students' favourite majors:

Social Sciences









  1. Other STEM programs such as Medicine and Technical Sciences typically require a different set of prerequisites. Please consult our recruitment team or your local education agency for further details on these programs.

  2. * Pathway to Engineering programs are currently only available at some universities such as RMIT or University of Newcastle (Australia). Please consult our recruitment team or your local education agency for further details.

NCUK Foundation has given me a clearer picture of my future career path through experiences with classmates and guidance from teachers.

Kim Ngan - Class of March 2023
Bachelor of International Hotel Management
Vatel (France) - Hoa Sen University


The university application process

September 2023
Start NCUK Foundation
January 2024
NCUK Mid-term Exam

Apply for conditional offer
Start your new journey
at university
May 2024
NCUK Final Exam

Achieve the NCUK exam results as specified in conditional offer
July 2024
Successful Application

Officially admited to
your dream university

NCUK students can initiate their university application after their Mid-term test and request a Conditional Offer.

The student then needs only achieve the required Final Examination results to successfully enrol into their chosen university.

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