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Complete the form below to register your interest to study an NCUK IFY programme in Vietnam. Ensure that you fill in all the fields accurately, any false details inputted will not be considered by the NCUK IFY in Vietnam centres.  ​


You may also download and complete the application form on your device via this link and email the application form for processing via ​  


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Student Recruitment Officer, Vietnam, Ms Lam via (+84) 86 7973 753 for phone, WhatsApp, and Zalo.

Application Form for  

NCUK International Foundation Year (IFY) 

in Vietnam– Business Programme 

Personal Information

Address Information

Previous Education

Highest Level of Education achieved? (Please choose the highest level qualification that you have achieved)

Have you taken any of the following English proficiency tests?

Financial Information

Source of funding

Study Centre Information

NCUK IFY is offered in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, please choose your study location

Privacy Statement

Please read the Privacy Statement and Declaration before signing the application

NCUK IFY study centres in Vietnam are obligated to safeguard your privacy. This means that any information we collect about you, including personal details, academic progress details, and personal welfare information, is treated by NCUK IFY study centres in Vietnam according to strict guidelines.

Access to your information is restricted to those staff who may need the information in order to carry out their responsibility in your personal and/or academic interest.

Other than in accordance with any legal or academic obligation, NCUK IFY study centres in Vietnam will not disclose personal information about you. This means that we do not release any information we hold about you, including your address, or your results, even to close relatives, without your permission.

The exception to the general application of these guidelines are the obligations imposed on us by law, Government regulations or the requirements for normal operation of NCUK IFY study centres in Vietnam.

They include the following:
- When your award is conferred, your name will be published in the record of proceedings for the conferring of awards;
- We may publish your examination results and the award of a prize or scholarship;
- If you are alleged to have committed a criminal offence, we may be requested to assist the relevant authorities such as the police, with personal information about you for the enforcement of the criminal law;

A further explanation of precisely what information may be passed to these Government bodies or agencies can be obtained by contacting NCUK IFY study centres in Vietnam directly email at

Declaration & Signature

I declare that the information I have supplied on this form is, to the best of my understanding and belief, complete and correct. I am aware that submission of an incomplete application may significantly delay consideration of my application. I understand that the giving of false or incomplete information may lead to the refusal of my application or cancellation of enrolment. I give permission to NCUK IFY in Vietnam to obtain records from any educational institution attended by me. If my application is successful, I authorise NCUK IFY study centres in Vietnam to provide my name, address and course name to the relevant on-campus student associations.

If any information is discovered to be untrue or misleading in any respect, I consent to NCUK IFY study centres in Vietnam collecting, storing and disclosing this information to other NCUK centres and its partnered institutions, and other examining authorities. I authorise NCUK IFY study centres in Vietnam to obtain further information with respect to my application and, if necessary, seek academic information or transcripts from my previous educational institutions. I understand that NCUK IFY study centres in Vietnam are not responsible if any educational body/institution does not supply these records. I understand that the results of the search will be made available to me on request and that an audit of this authority may also be undertaken.

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HCMC Study Centre

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Hanoi Study Centre

Thanks for submitting!

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