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NCUK IFY in Vietnam 

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Direct first-year entry to undergraduate degree courses

Studying in small classes with NCUK in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) or Hanoi Central equips you with the skills and experience needed to make the best possible start at the university and succeed in your chosen field of study.

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The Academic Modules of NCUK IFY in Vietnam cover English for Academic Purposes, Business Studies, Economics and Mathematics for Business. Students can progress to the University bachelor degree in various disciplines such as Business (Digital Marketing, Human Resources Manage-ment, Accounting etc), IT (Artificial Intelligence, Software Development, Cyber Security) Communication (Media Communication, Journalism, Media Design) and Enginnering*

(Robotics and Mechanical Engineering).


*only for few universities such as RMIT.

The aim of the IFY programme

• To provide international students with a high-quality pre-undergraduate education, with outcomes comparable with GCE A levels.

• To prepare students for study at the undergraduate level in English-language universities. The programme is designed to meet the requirements of NCUK universities.

• To certify a student’s academic English language skills in a way that NCUK partner universities recognise, without the requirement for further assessment of English language ability.

• To develop learning skills, subject knowledge and related capabilities required for successful study at the undergraduate level in an NCUK partner university.

Entry Requirement

Year 11

GPA 7.0


IELTS 5.0 or equivalent qualifications

and tests 

Year 12

GPA 6.0

Key NCUK IFY Dates



Programme Intake

Programme Completion

End of June

Early Bird Application



Exam Period 

Students will receive a 5% early bird discount on their NCUK IFY programme tuition fees as per the offer confirmation deadlines

NCUK University Scholarships

The following universities offer a range of scholarship opportunities exclusively catering to NCUK IFY students (Aston University, University of Kent, The University of Leeds, University of Salford, The University of Sheffield, Massey University, Lincoln University)

In addition to the exclusive NCUK scholarships, NCUK, in collaboration with NCUK universities, is pleased to offer a range of scholarships and awards. Terms and conditions apply to all awards and scholarships.

For more information, please contact: