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As one of Asia's fastest growing nations, Vietnam is becoming an international hub new ideas and developments. Continue your further studies from NCUK Foundation right in Vietnam to enjoy the local vibrant culture, international education and exciting opportunities at an affordable cost.


Vietnam is a hotspot for global education integration as many prestigious international institutions are delivering their programs here. This means an international degree in Vietnam is as qualified as one delivered overseas.


Living cost in Vietnam is significantly cheaper compared to countries like Australia or New Zealand, making the total education cost much more affordable for a similarly accreditted Bachelor program.

NCUK Students have successfully enrolled into these institutions in Vietnam:

  • RMIT Vietnam

  • Hanoi University - University of Waikato

  • Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam - Victoria University of Wellington

  • Swinburne University of Technology Vietnam

  • University of Economics HCMC - International School of Business

  • Vin University

*With NCUK Foundation's open outcome, universities not mentioned here may still recognise NCUK's qualifications. Please consult our recruitment team or your local education agency to confirm acceptance at your chosen institution.

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