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NCUK Foundation
at Nguyen Sieu School

About Nguyen Sieu School

As one of the leaders in Vietnamese pre-tertiary education, Nguyen Sieu School (NSS) constantly innovates, expands and connects, while at the same time maintaining a traditional cultural heritage.

Students at NSS range from Primary to High School level and enjoy the utmost care and attention along with the highest academic standards. Outside the classroom, they are given the chance to grow holistically with exciting extracurricular activities and healthy competitions.

All of this help create an environment where students are geared for success on an international level.

Why NSS?

Study NCUK Foundation in the capital city of Vietnam, at one of the most prestigious private inter-level schools across the country.

Key accreditations:

  • Over 30 years of history and excellence in education

  • First private school in Hanoi to be recognised as a High-Quality School

  • Certified Cambridge International School

  • Certified Microsoft Showcase School for excellent technological application in education

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Supportive learning environment

  • Student consultation and career orientation

  • Frequently hosted seminars with university representatives all around the world

  • Grow outside the classroom with a variety of extracurricular activities and over 15 student organisations

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Students Walking Up Stairs

NCUK Students at NSS

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